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EurEau Contribution to the Consultation on the ECI Directive

The European Critical Infrastructure Protection Directive (2008/114/EC) of 8 December 2008 establishes a procedure for identifying and designating European Critical Infrastructures (ECI) in the energy and transport sectors, as well as a common approach for assessing the need to improve their protection. It is a key pillar of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP), which aims to protect critical infrastructures against a range of threats using an all-hazards approach.
Critical infrastructure is defined as an asset, system or part thereof located in a Member State which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions, health, safety, security, economic and/or social well-being of people. The disruption or destruction of said infrastructure would have a significant impact in a Member State as a result of the failure to maintain the aforementioned vital societal functions.

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