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A small group of water supply professionals from the original six EEC member states met in 1972 to provide an opinion on the 4th draft directive on water meters, presented by DG III (industrial affairs) of the European Commission.

Following from this initial collaboration and that the EEC was making more legislation on water, these sectoral professionals decided to set up an official association representing their water supply companies.

This culminated in the establishment of EurEau on 21 March, 1975.

EurEau extended the scope of its work to include waste water in 1998.

As the EU grew, so did EurEau membership. Countries from outside the EU also joined the federation. We now include 34 members from 29 countries across Europe.

We bring national water professionals together to agree European water industry positions regarding the management of water quality, resource efficiency and access to water.

One thing hasn’t changed. Our members are fully committed to the continuous supply of clean water and its safe return into the water cycle.

List of EurEau Presidents

~ 1975-1977 Albert Achten BE SG Gilbert Bury
~ 1977-1979 Jean-Claude Legrand FR  
~ 1979-1981 Ernest Reiter LU  
~ 1981-1983 Piet Knoppert NL  
~ 1983-1985 Heinz Tessendorff DE SG Francis Rillaerts
~ 1985-1988 Ken Roberts UK  
~ 1988-1990 Germano Bulgarelli IT  
~ 1990-1992 Jean-Pierre Quinio FR  
~ 1992-1994 Ernest Reiter LU  
~ 1994-1996 Albert Desmed BE  
~ 1996-1998 Theo Martijn NL  
~ 1998-2000 Ortwin Scholz DE  
~ 2000-2002 Fernando Porta ES  
~ 2002-2003 Pamela Taylor UK  
~ 2003-2004 Michael Phillips IE  
~ 2004-2005 Anders Baekgaard DK SG Fréderic de Hemptinne
~ 2005-2006 C. Martins PT  
~ 2006-2007 Mauro d’Ascenzi IT SG Pierre-Yves Monette 
~ 2007-2008 Daniel Villessot FR  
~ 2008-2009 Andreas Angelakis GR  
~ 2009-2011 Klara Ramm Szatkiewicz PL  
~ 2011-2015 Carl-Emil Larsen DK SG Almut Bonhage
~ 2015-2019 Bruno Tisserand FR SG Neil Dhot (interim)
~ 2019-present Dr Claudia Castell-Exner DE SG Oliver Loebel (2016)


Our Articles of Association can be found pdf here (243 KB)

About our sector

Water is essential for life. The European water sector provides clean, safe and healthy drinking water and ensures that waste water is returned to nature in a way that preserves our environment.

What appears to be a simple day-to-day service is in reality the result of complex processes and advanced technologies. Each solution is adapted to the specific local circumstances. They depend on factors such as population density, the type and available quantity of water resources, required treatment levels, local topography and many other elements.

EurEau members supply 500 million people with 44.7 billion m³ of clean drinking water annually, while 450 million people are connected to a waste water collection network and 435 million people are connected to one of over 18.000 waste water treatment plant.






General secretariat

Oliver Loebel

Oliver Loebel

Secretary General

Gari Villa Landa Soklova

Gari Villa Landa Soklova

Policy advisor

Sébastien Mouret

Sébastien Mouret

Policy Officer

Caroline Greene

Caroline Greene

Senior Communications Manager

Louise Hoogenhout

Louise Hoogenhout

EurEau Office Manager

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for administrative and financial queries.

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