Third PMT Workshop Getting control of PMT and vPvM substances under REACH

The workshop will focus on getting control of known and emerging PMT/vPvM substances and will give attention to regulatory, industry and academic developments.

Highlights of day one:

  • Anna Lennquist from ChemSec will present the PMT/vPvM substances on the Substitute it Now (SIN)
  • List Charmain Ajao from ECHA will reflect on the identification of the first PMT/vPvM substances as substances of very high concern.
  • Claudia Castell-Exner from EurEau will talk about the proactive approach needed to protect drinking water resources.

Highlights of day two:

  • Sylvain Bintein from DG-ENV will present the new Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and how to include PMT/vPvM criteria in the CLP and REACH regulation.
  • Marie Collard from Cefic will discuss scientific and regulatory challenges for mobile substances in drinking water resources.
  • Xenia Trier from EEA will explain how safe and sustainable by design can support getting in control of PMT/vPvM substances.

The workshop will be closed by Hans Peter Arp from NGI who will propose the way forward to close gaps to better control PMT/vPvM substances, as well as highlight PMT/vPvM substances that require most focus. Social media about the workshop is encouraged using #PMTworkshop.

Event Properties

Event Date 25-03-2021
Event End Date 26-03-2021
Location Online!

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