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alain gillis

Alain Gillis

EurEau General Assembly Representative (Belgium)
Belgaqua / IECBW

Position within EurEau: Treasurer and General Assembly representative (Belgium).

Current position: CEO of IECBW.

Background (studies): industrial engineer.

Work experience with the national association: member of the board of Belgaqua (Belgian association for water services) since 1990.

Other relevant work experience: member of the executive comity of Aquawal (Walloon association of water services) from 1997, member of the board of SPGE (Société Publique de Gestion de l’Eau) from 2012.

Lobbying experience: government and local authorities in Wallonia; involved in politics at local level.

Affiliation with other international water associations: IWA.

Why does water matter to you? Water matters is my daily challenge providing the best drinking water service at the lowest price.


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