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Bruno Tisserand

Chairperson of the Committee on Economics and Legal Affairs (EU3)
FP2E / Veolia

Position within EurEau: Chairperson of the Committee on Economics and Legal Affairs.

Current position: research program director for cities at Veolia and member of the Technical and Scientific Commission, FP2E.

Previous work experience: Générale des Eaux-Veolia since 1985: Experience in operation of water and waste water services; technical expertise in waste water collection and treatment; marketing and development of water and waste water services. Research program director since 2012.

Involvement with associations: national level - member of ASTEE and FP2E technical commissions since 1990, ASTEE board member.

European level: EurEau member since 1997; chairman of the EurEau commission 2 on waste water, general assembly and ExCom member.

International level: IWA member - ISO, since 2011 chairman of the technical committee 224, Service activities relating to drinking water supply and waste water systems.

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