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Water and Covid-19

We hope that you are all keeping safe in these strange times.

Your water service providers are working hard to provide us all with safe and clean water, so we can keep clean and reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Remember that we provide the water, and you provide the soap to wash your hands!

Some other things to bear in mind:

Our drinking water and waste water network is part of our critical infrastructure. This means that our water and sanitation suppliers have plans in place to ensure that we all have a secure, constant, reliable supply of safe, clean and healthy water services. 

European water service providers are committed to keeping our consumers safe and healthy. Water is not a relevant transmission route for the Covid-19 virus.

Drinking water very well protected against all viruses, including coronavirus. The risk to water supplies is low, according to the WHO There is no evidence to date that the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted via sewerage systems with or without waste water treatment.

Think Before You Flush! Only flush the ‘3P’s’, pee, poop and toilet paper. This means no wet wipes or kitchen roll or hand paper. Instead, these can be disposed of in the bin as the flushing of anything that is not toilet paper can cause blockages in the network.

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