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Benchmarking and Affordability: sharing experiences with Regulators

18 March 2016

Earlier this week I flew to Tirana, where I gave a presentation on behalf of EurEau at the WAREG (Water Regulators) workshop on affordability and benchmaking, held on Wednesday 16 March. 

Together with Aqua Publica Europea (APE) and the International Water Association (IWA) we heard the work carried out by WAREG on these two topics and we enriched the discussion sharing experiences also from the water operators’ side. 

I presented EurEau’s views on benchmarking and gave a short overview of our ongoing work on affordability.

We were able to identify the huge variety of existing benchmarking initiatives as well as different mechanisms that at national level try to address affordability issues.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity to increase our knowledge and discuss aspects of water governance that are high on the EU agenda at the moment, given the impact assessment study the European Commission is carrying out in the framework of the DWD review.


Water matters. EU matters.       

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