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About us

EurEau is the European Federation of National Associations of Water Services. We represent national drinking and waste water service providers from 33 countries, from both the private and the public sectors. We bring together water professionals to agree on European water industry positions regarding the management of water quality, resource efficiency and access to water for citizens and businesses. Our members are fully committed to the continuous supply of clean water and its safe return into the water cycle. We raise awareness of threats to the water environment. With a direct employment of around 476,000 people, the European water sector makes a significant contribution to the European economy.

Our vision

We represent Europe’s water services sector. Our vision for the future of Europe’s water heritage is one where there is enough clean water for all uses, where society handles its water with care so that only necessary treatment is carried out, and where drinking and waste water services are professionally and efficiently delivered in a climate neutral way.

Our mission

At EurEau our mission is to resolve shared water challenges and help sustain Europe’s water heritage for generations to come. We engage with policy makers to support a European legislative framework that best enables the provision of efficient water services for all uses. We are a unique sector, with a wide knowledge-sharing network for Europe’s drinking and waste water professionals. We look beyond our sector to identify common concerns with other partners. Water is a precious, life-giving and shared resource. Encouraging responsible approaches to water use is the best way to value and protect Europe’s water and ensure its availability, both now and in the future.

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