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The Value of Water Services

Our water service providers deliver day and night. Every time you need safe and clean tap water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation, all you have to do is open a tap.

These same service providers conduct used water away from our homes and businesses to treat it before it is returned to the environment, recycling the valuable nutrients along the way and helping to keep us healthy.

All too often these privileges are taken for granted. Understanding the value of our water services is investing in our future and the future of the next generations. Water gives us life. Awareness of the value of water services will ensure that they are effective, efficient, resilient, sustainable and affordable for all.

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The governance of water services in Europe - 2020 edition

Water services are essential services. They support the sustainable development of our societies and are fundamental to realising the ambition of the EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but little is known about them. This is because the infrastructure is mainly underground, accessible only to a few service engineers and also because it is sometimes situated far from urban areas and protected for obvious security reasons. But also because water services’ organisation differs from country to country due to history, cultural heritage and national or local traditions which result in specific regulatory frameworks.

Our report brings clarity and simplifies the governance of water services in Europe, and our report provides a snapshot of the current situation in the 29 EurEau member countries. It illustrates the diversity of management models, organisational structures, tasks and responsibilities of the players involved at the different levels of governance (EU, national, regional or local).

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