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pdf EurEau Annual Report 2021 Popular

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EurEau Annual Report 2021

It was another busy year for EurEau, with drinking water, PFAS, plastics, waste water, taxonomy and innovation high on our agenda. Read about our work in our annual report. 

pdf EurEau Annual Report 2020 Popular

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EurEau Annual Report 2020_V5.pdf

EurEau Annual Report 2020

What did EurEau get up to in 2020? Read on to find out, and what 2021 brings us!

pdf EurEau Annual Review 2019 Popular

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EurEau Annual Review 2019-fin3.pdf

EurEau Annual Review 2019

Water Framework Directive, Drinking Water, Reuse, microplastics, micropollutants, Extended Producer Responsibility; 2019 brought a lot of change and opportunity for the water sector. Our review of the year covers some of our work over the twelve months. 

pdf EurEau Annual Review 2018 Popular

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EurEau-AR18-final (1).pdf

EurEau Annual Review 2018

Read more about the work we did in 2018, including on the Drinking Water Directive and the Water Reuse Regulation. 

We also present what 2019 will bring us. 

pdf EurEau Annual Review 2017 Popular

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EurEau Annual Review 2017

An overview of our work in 2017.

pdf EurEau Annual Review 2016 Popular

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EurEau Annual Review 2016

An overview of our work in 2016.

pdf EurEau Annual Review 2015 Popular

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EurEau Annual Review 2015

An overview of our work in 2015.

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