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World Water Day 2023 – Accelerating Change

Everything changes and your water services providers need to keep up with changes in order to provide safe water services 

Water service providers strive to bring safe and affordable water services to consumers every day. We all need to accelerate change to be able to keep bringing you these services, safely and affordably.

Each and every single one of us can make small changes to our daily habits that will contribute to a better water environment, from turning off taps to better disposing of waste and making informed decisions when shopping.

Our policy makers can also accelerate positive change. There is a wealth of legislation passing through the EU institutions at the moment that will affect the environment for generations to come, from urban waste water treatment to environmental quality standards.

So this World Water Day - and every other day - we are being the change we want to see in the world. Every day in EurEau we commit to making a better water environment, and today is no different.

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