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EurEau signs joint letter in advance of crucial IED vote

Consumer, health and environmental protection groups urge justice for EU pollution victims in crucial IED vote

A coalition of European organisations protecting consumers, health and environment across Europe - including EurEau - have sent an urgent letter to MEPs to entreaty them to introduce vital protection for pollution victims in the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

The IED governs over 50,000 installations like steelworks, chemicals and plastics factories, industrial farms and coal plants, all over Europe.

Misinformation has been spread widely during the IED overhaul process, eliciting unfounded fear about the consequences for industry of a comprehensive compensation right, and where the onus falls in terms of providing evidence.

The IED regulates pollution from industrial facilities which ends up in air, water and soil. The data, particularly on air pollution, is rich in terms of the damage caused each year to EU citizens and, as a result, economies, by this pollution.

In the letter, the organisations say:

“When people’s health suffers as a result of illegal industrial activities or inaction from public authorities, victims should be empowered to go to court and stand a genuine chance of obtaining compensation from those who have violated the law and caused them harm. Today, this is next to impossible. Even in cases of illegal pollution, people suffering from health issues are essentially abandoned because there are no effective, harmonised rules to ask for remedy before the courts, as confirmed by the European Commission.

You can read our position here

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