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Detergents: The European Parliament’s Environment committee votes to strengthen requirements

EurEau cautiously welcomes today’s vote of the Environment Committee (ENVI) on the Detergents Regulation.

It is encouraging to see that MEPs voted in favour of reducing phosphorous use in detergents, although current ecolabel criteria indicate that stricter thresholds would be achievable. MEPs also laid a pathway towards biodegradable detergent ingredients and banned non-water soluble films around tabs. The Commission will have to assess the impact of microorganisms intentionally added to detergents on urban wastewater treatment processes, the risk of the generation of antimicrobial resistance associated with the use of detergents or surfactants with biocidal properties, the costs and benefits of a full phosphorous phase-out, and the costs and benefits of extending the generic approach to risk management to detergents and surfactants and of phasing out substances of concern.

The use of detergents leads to the release of phosphorous and hazardous substances to wastewater and, to some extent, to the aquatic environment. Limiting the use of such substances at the source avoids resource-intensive treatment at urban wastewater treatment plants and protects aquatic life.

The EurEau position is here.

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