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EurEau concerned over Commission's Water Resilience Initiative u-turn

EurEau calls on the European Commission to hold its water resilience course
EurEau is deeply concerned over the emerging news that the European Commission will postpone the publication of the Water Resilience Initiative. In times when an increasing number of regions struggle to meet society's water needs, this sends a negative signal to farmers, industry, tourism, water suppliers and, last but not least, nature itself. Water is central to every aspect of our life, economy and society. We cannot function without it.
EurEau along with many other stakeholders and several Member States such as Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, Hungary and Romania (ReWaterEU initiative) have long called for a Water Resilience Strategy, coupled with an Action Plan, to outline how the EU will manage the challenges we are facing. The European Economic and Social Committee also supported this through its proposal for a Blue Deal.
Our society, economy, environment and health depend on each of us having access to reliable, clean and affordable water every day. We need a robust 360° strategy at European level to ensure that water services are protected across all areas. In our vision for our water’s future, we call on EU to prioritise:
1.      Giving water its right place
2.      Protecting the quality of our water resources
3.      Addressing climate change
4.      Enhancing the Circular Economy
5.      Financing change while keeping water services affordable
6.      Improving security and resilience and guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information.
We encourage the Commission to revise this decision so that we can all have access to sufficient and uncontaminated water in the future.

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