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Valuing our recyclable materials

Waste water has significant potential for resource recovery, making it a key contributor to reaching a circular economy. EurEau, ESPP and other partners highlight why in a series of new factsheets.

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EurEau position on the EED

EurEau supports the general objective of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) which is to promote energy efficiency next to using renewable energies with the overall goal to achieve energy and climate neutrality.

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EurEau position on the RED

Although the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) does not specifically address the water sector, the water cycle has renewable energy generation potential. Read more...

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Valuing our Water Services

COP26 is focussing attention on climate change. While water is the backbone of our economy and society, it is also heavily affected by changing weather patterns. Politicians and our societies as a whole must develop a better understanding of the value of water services so that water operators can assume their responsibility to ensure sufficient safe drinking water and properly treated waste water for future generations.

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