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EurEau’s response to the New Circular Economy Action Plan

Water services have a long track record of contributing to the circular economy. 

Because of the significant contribution our sector makes to the circular economy, we keenly awaited the European Commission’s new Circular Economy Plan, launched this week (11 March 2020). This update of the 2015 plan offered a unique opportunity to unleash the water sector’s considerable potential.

The Commission’s publication is full of good intentions and a will for “scaling up the circular economy from front-runners to the mainstream economic players”.

However, we can see light and shadows in this proposal.

On the one hand it proposes a more sustainable approach to chemical substances, plastics, textiles, ensuring the functioning of the market for secondary raw materials and improving synergies to mitigate climate change, all of which are concerns for the water sector.

On the other hand, there are no concrete actions in the annex related to water, even if there are references to the Water Reuse Regulation, the directives on waste water treatment and sewage sludge. The good intentions need to be followed by concrete actions and good implementation.

We will pay close attention to the details of the proposals to make sure that the Control At Source and the Polluter Pays Principles are included in the different actions proposed to better protect our water resources and to allow the water sector to fully contribute to the circular economy.

For EurEau, Water Matters


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