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Management of water and sewerage infrastructure in the context of resource reduction and depletion

27-10-2022 10:00 am - 28-10-2022 4:00 pm

ARA invites you to participate in the Technical-Scientific Conference organized by Romanian Water Association, in partnership with Polytechnic University of Bucharest and Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest Conference aims to promote an exchange of knowledge on the management of water and sewerage infrastructure in the context of resource reduction and depletion, relevant to the technical-scientific community involved in its management and on actions to be taken, for the benefit of consumers. The events are dedicated to all water specialists starting with academia, consultants, designers and equipment manufacturers, water resources managers, water supply and sewerage operators and, last but not least, the general public interested in improving technical performance and management of the sector


20th Europe-INBO International Conference

26-09-2022 - 29-09-2022

The event welcomes representatives of EU Member States, national and regional water directorates and administrations, hydrographic district authorities and basin organizations, as well as representatives of EU candidate countries and countries of Eastern European, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Mediterranean basin and other stakeholders interested in basin management and in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, its "Daughter Directives" and other related policies, directives and regulations.

Join us and share your experiences on the themes addressed by this on-site event with simultaneous French / English interpretation (with the exception of the first of the two sessions of the workshop “Water in mountains”, which will be in French only)! 


LuWQ2022, 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on LAND USE AND WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment

12-09-2022 9:00 am - 15-09-2022 3:00 pm


5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on


Agriculture and the Environment

Maastricht, the Netherlands, 12-15 September 2022.

For information about the LuWQ2022 conference please refer to



World Water Congress & Exhibition

11-09-2022 - 15-09-2022

IWA’s upcoming World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been moved forward to September 2022.

The decision to postpone was taken due to the ongoing pandemic, and general uncertainty around live events and international travel. All existing tickets will remain valid, but please do contact the team should you have any queries about this.

IWA also plans to hold a significant virtual congress in Q2 of 2021, with more details to follow shortly.

For more details on the WWCE in Copenhagen, please visit


Water and Sewage in the Circular Economy Model

30-06-2022 - 01-07-2022

It concludes the MonGOS project “Monitoring of water and sewage management in the context of the implementation of the circular economy assumptions“. It will be held in Krakow on 30 June – 1.July.

The participation is free of charge.

The link is here:


Water Safety Conference

22-06-2022 11:00 am - 24-06-2022 3:00 pm

The 2022 IWA International conference for water safety (IWA – WS conference) will bring together leading international experts from academia, industry, government, policymakers/authorities and other organizations to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research on water safety (WS) that could contribute practical knowledge in the implementation of WS to the key stakeholders involved in providing safe drinking water.


Water Loss conference

19-06-2022 - 22-06-2022

Water Loss 2022 is intended to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in Non-Revenue Water Management.


Helsinki Chemicals Forum 2022

08-06-2022 - 09-06-2022

The core part of the annual conference are the keynotes which are this year delivered by DG GROW Director Schreiber and ECHA Director Van de Zande and the five discussion panels in which there will be an industry speaker in each of them:  

  • Accelerating chemicals regulation: grouping of chemicals, generic approach to risk management and essential use concept moderated by Chemical Watch 
  • How to best define and stimulate Safe and Sustainable by Design substances that can replace substances of concern moderated by the European Commission 
  • The 3Cs concept: Can chemicals risk management be integrated with circularity and climate policy objectives moderated by CEFIC 
  • How to accelerate the replacement of animal toxicity testing moderated by OECD 
  • A science policy interface for the sound management of chemicals and waste: “something in it for all” moderated by UNEP 

Pls note that each of the panel will also react to the feedback provided by the live and online audience.

There you will find that the live programme also includes a number of extra activities: a Green Economy Business Summit with Commissioner Breton and former Commissioner Katainen, now president of SITRA; a tour through the Chembio and Pulpaper exhibitions; a networking dinner in the City Hall, the celebrations around 20-years DUCC.

The HCF has successfully established its place as a multi-stakeholder debate venue for businesses, regulators, NGOs, academics and others as a space to understand the bigger picture and go home with an insight into the position of different stakeholders from different parts of the world. HCF is an exceptional opportunity for network and meet experts on chemical regulations from around the globe. 


From Waste to Value

11-05-2022 1:30 pm -2:45 pm

You are invited to participate in the sixth edition of the  DWP KnowNow webinar series!

The upcoming webinar will raise awareness and shed light on the benefits of energy optimisation and production in

Wastewater Treatment Plants and highlight best practice examples.

For more information about the webinar including the agenda, please check out the event page here.

Register for the webinar


Water Safety Plans: tools for development and implementation

07-04-2022 11:30 am -1:00 pm

This webinar is being hosted by the IWA Water Safety Planning Specialist Group and is part of their preparation for the 2022 International Conference for Water Safety,  June 22-24, 2022, in Narvik (Norway).

Water Safety Planning (WSP) provides water suppliers with a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management approach to managing water supplies with other key stakeholders. It is a particularly useful approach for low- and middle-income countries. Successful implementation of WSP can improve drinking water quality, accrue operational efficiencies and provide a robust framework to better target more sustainable long-term capital investments. Such preventative management and planning approaches provide a simple and robust framework for water utilities to effectively manage water supplies, thereby contributing to the SDG6 and the 2030 Agenda. 

WSPs are widely recognised as the most reliable and effective way to manage drinking water supplies to safeguard public health consistently. Since their inclusion in international reference documents in 2004 (WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality), a significant number of water suppliers have implemented WSPs, and several national governments promote their implementation or have included them in national policy and legislation. Mobilising resources and maintaining momentum for WSP activities can be achieved in various ways, including traditional/manual management methods or innovative web-based and electronic management methods. 

This webinar will demonstrate through practical cases from Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa how water utilities are utilising conventional word/excel based documents or software either developed with in-house IT expertise or commercially available products to manage WSP documentation and implementation. 

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