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UNECE Water and Health Protocol

19 September 2017 

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the meeting of the Expert Group on Equitable Access under the Water and Health Protocol of the UNECE/WHO. 

The Protocol recognises the human right to water and sanitation and the countries that ratify it commit themselves to set targets towards the realisation of the human right to water and sanitation, as well as dates by when these targets have to be reached.

The Expert Group on Equitable access to water and sanitation worked in the past of the equitable access scorecard and in Budapest members of the group shared their experiences in carrying out the equitable access self- assessment. The UNECE Secretariat supports the countries of the Pan-European Region in developing the Action Plans to ensure the equitable access to water and sanitation. 

On behalf of EurEau I presented the various affordability mechanisms already in place in many European countries with the direct or indirect involvement of the water utilities that contribute to realise the human right to water and sanitation.  

It would be maybe worth exploring the possibility for the European Union to become a party to the Protocol on Water and Health. It would be a good instrument to implement the SDG6 in the EU!


Water matters. EU matters.   

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